Top 5 Long Baby Gates

When a baby starts to grow, they begin to get bigger and able to get around from place to place. While they are learning how to walk and crawl, you have to keep a diligent eye on them, and it also helps if you buy extra safety equipment to ensure they are protected in dangerous spots like the stairs and the kitchen. One essential item to put on your list is a baby gate, which may come in a variety of different shapes and sizes. Here are some of the top baby gates, which are also long, to give you the most protection and versatility. Long baby gates as a whole are designed to fit many different spaces, such as wide halls or even used as enclosures. They each have different features, and are specialized to be used in different ways.


Regalo Super Wide Gate and Play Yard

This lengthy baby gate is 192 inches when fully extended, and the item is broken down into 8 different pieces. When you use the entire gate, it can protect a walkway, hallway, or be enclosed to make up a pen that is 19 square feet. You don’t have to use all the parts however, you can use as many or as few as you want.

A great feature of this item is the gate that can be used for an adult to walk through. This is what makes this item great for protecting babies, as well as a barrier for pets, to keep them isolated from a certain part of the house. The product is made of steel and folds up quickly and efficiently, so it can be stored with ease.

Users report that they love the length of this product, and appreciate that it can be used in virtually any space, due to the fact that it can be shaped in a number of different ways.


North States Supergate Deluxe Décor Gate

This unique looking product is bronze in color and is long and tall, so you can be sure it is protecting your child. The gate itself is designed to be used near stairs, hallways, or in other questionable areas in the house. It can be expanded up to 72 inches and can also swivel to get into corners or smaller areas.

Additionally, there is a wide gate which has an easy to use closure that only requires one hand to open. In fact, the gate also has a stay open feature, and the capability to swing through, in case many people need to go through it at once.

People that recommend this product do so because they love the color and finish, and are pleased by the quality of the item overall. Some had trouble getting the item to sit on the baseboards. However, if you create your own stilts for the item, or remove a bit of the mouldings, it shouldn’t be a problem.


Summer Infant Metal Expansion Gate

This simple metal item is best used in a large entryway or hallway. It can be extended up to 72 inches in width. It has a large door that is easy to use and comes with the hardware you need to secure it to your walls. This hardware is permanent, but the item can be easily removed from the mounts if you need to move the gate in a hurry.

The aspect that sets it apart from other baby gates is the fact that there is a scratch guard on the bottom of the device, so it won’t scratch up the floor. This is especially great if you have an apartment, so you won’t lose a deposit by using this helpful item.

Positive reviewers of the product say the product is high enough to use for babies or dogs and can be set up with ease. Besides that, it has an attractive appearance and works well.


Evenflo Soft and Wide Gate

This gate looks a little different than traditional baby gates. It is constructed of nylon, and has a large mesh window, which is bordered on each side by a few inches of off-white material with a nice brown pattern. It should be used in kitchens, entryways, or even near the bottom of stairs. It is 27 inches tall and has rubber bumpers that keep your wall safe from scratches.

When it comes to setting up the item, there are no tools needed, as it is super easy to install and take down for storage. This means the product is great for when you are traveling. It can be taken to be used at a relative’s house, vacation home, or in a hotel room. The product can expand and contract to fit spaces that are 38 to 60 inches wide.

Users say it holds up to abuse by children, but may get small holes in the mesh. However, the item is quite easy to step over, so it doesn’t have to be constantly removed.


North States Superyard 3-in-1 Arched Décor Metal

This extensive item is bronze in color and can be used inside or outside, due to the quality and durability. The product itself has a full length of 144 inches, which is broken up into six panels that are adjustable. This means it is perfect for a large space, making a space outside, or as an enclosure for baby or puppy. Additional pieces can be purchased separately, if you need a gate that is even longer.

There is a large arched door that can be walked through and has a lock that a child will not be able to open. It also closes itself, so you won’t have to worry about if you left it ajar.

Satisfied customers say that product is sturdy and they love that it is so versatile. It can be a long barrier, short barrier, or a small area for playing. Besides that, the device is 30 inches high, so it can protect from even a jumping dog or rowdy toddler.

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