Top 5 Tall Baby Gates

Nowadays, there are many different types of baby gates to choose from. You no longer have to use the fold up wooden kind, which seemed like it caused more problems that it helped. It was also rather bulky. Models on the market today have modern features, useful extras, and are ready to install all over your house. Below are some of the best tall baby gates, so they can last you for quite a while, and as your baby starts to grow and wants to start exploring the world around it. Each of these items is sturdy and can accomplish many tasks, as well as offer piece of mind that your family is protected.


Summer Infant Multi-Use Deco Extra Tall Walk-Thru Gate

This award winning item is a useful tool for your house because it is attractive and tall enough to accommodate dogs or toddlers, and everything in between at 3 feet in height. It can expand to be 48 inches wide, so it is able to accommodate more spaces. For instance, it is ideal for the bottom of the stairs or a doorway, especially ones that see a lot of foot traffic.

Furthermore, this item has a large gate you can open up and walk through, which is capable of closing itself. Setup of the item is also a breeze, and the supports and brackets have extra features that are designed to keep your floors and walls safe.

People that use the product describe that it is made of high quality materials and gets the job done. They like that it fits great near stairs and holds up to a bit of wear and tear, usually in the form of jumping dogs or climbing babies. Furthermore, it is easy to maneuver with one hand and the supports can be adjusted easily if and when you need to.


Regalo Deluxe Easy Step Extra Tall Gate

This product is extra tall, which makes it perfect for resourceful children and different sizes of dogs, like some medium or large breeds. The gate is just a bit over 40 inches tall and can sit in a space that is up to 40 inches wide. This may be by the stairs, going into a room or to separate a space, in order to keep your baby safe from unnecessary accidents or falls.

A great bonus with this item is that the handle is quite easy to open with one hand, and you can also lock it back with one hand. It is platinum in color and constructed of metal that is sturdy and stays in place after proper installation. It is also free from PVC. The gate employs pressure mounting, to make it stay in place even better and ensures that it won’t fall down.

People that have used this product agree that it can outsmart even larger dogs, and is easy for an adult to use, when they have to open it and lock it back. Furthermore, it is great to set up in nearly any doorway.


North States Supergate Extra Tall Easy Close Metal Gate

This attractive gate comes in bronze and white. It has rounded bars, unlike the square ones that are seen in most other models. Another thing is that it has a triple locking mechanism on the door, so even if your baby is an escape artist, you can rest easy. The gate also opens both ways, to make it easier on you to get through.

Although the product could be put anywhere in your house, it would be best to use it to set off the kitchen or fireplace from the little ones. This one is 3 feet high and can be expanded to fit an area that is nearly 39 inches wide.

Purchasers of the product find it quite attractive and strong. The item uses tension knobs to get the fit just right, and it is easy to install. Besides that, it is effortless to use, especially when you have your hands full.


Regalo Home Accents Extra Tall Walk Thru Gate

Some baby gates have sort of a boring look to them. The opposite could be said about this item. It is made of steel, which is painted matte black, and has hardwood accents, which will blend in with nearly any home’s décor.

Of course, this isn’t the only positive about this product. It can be placed in most areas around the house and fit perfectly, due to its specially designed supports. It doesn’t matter if you have baseboards or not either, because you will still be able to set this one up.

The gate itself is 38 inches tall and can expand to be 44 inches wide, depending on where you need to put it. It is perfect for doorways or hallways. In fact, adopters of the product say they use it for doorways, and are pleased about the extenders included with the gate. Not only is it functional and easy to use, but you will probably get compliments on the sleek design as well.


North States Supergate Tall Easy Swing and Lock Gate

This baby gate has a minimalist design. It comes in neutral linen and bronze, and stands 36 inches high. The design has thin bars that don’t take away from the rest of the room. It can extend to be nearly 48 inches, so it should fit in many open spaces that you need sectioned off.

Besides that, there is no door to worry about. The whole item opens through the use of a safety latch, which is easy to use by simply pressing a button. This also makes it perfect for the top of a staircase, since there is no door that can come open or cause a fall.

Some commented that the mounting hardware is plastic and doesn’t seem sturdy enough, although there haven’t been any complaints about the mounts breaking or wearing out. If this is a problem you can find comparable metal mounts to set your mind at ease. When installed properly, this product is very easy to use and it’s quite stable.

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