Useful Baby Tips for New Mothers


There is no way to be completely prepared for parenthood, you will have trial and error with your children. Not just your first one but all subsequent children as well. However, the first one is going to be the biggest hurdle, no parenting book, friend, or relative can ever fully prepare you for what is going to happen, when that little bundle of joy pops into the world.

Let these little tips and words of wisdom carry you forth as you have your little ones, and maybe you can impart these words to them when they have your grandchildren.

  • Gone but not forgotten– This old adage rings true with your old life, as a child brought into the home changes everything. You are no longer you but her or his mother, your daily routine and marriage won’t be the same as it was. No more mornings at the gym before work, baby comes first always first. Don’t worry you can reconnect with your old self as your child grows and doesn’t need you as much.
  • We have no clue to what we are doing– Don’t let any mom tell you she knows exactly what she is doing.. It’s all mothers intuition, trial and error, figuring it out one step at a time. Because each child is different, one more independent than the other. They don’t come with a handbook, when they do let every mother out there know.
  • Go with your gut its valuable– Mother’s intuition is a valuable tool to a mother, your inner voice should always be listened to. It helps to tell you what your baby needs, don’t let that parenting book you read tell different than your gut is. Listen to your gut before you listen to any book or person that tries to tell you about your child and what is good for them.
  • Don’t raise your children alone– you always need help, whether it is a daycare, or grandma babysitting that is help. You need help and always need time for yourself. Ensure you take that time.

Listen to your heart, then everyone else after that motherhood is the most difficult job ever. It’s ever changing and is not boring, always pass along these few words of wisdom to a new mom. ” It’s not easy, we don’t know what we are doing, use your gut, and don’t do it alone even a daycare is some form of help. Oh and take time out for yourself when you can.”


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