What to Look for When Buying a Changing Table


Changing tables are the perfect place to change your baby. They are usually situated in a nursery or child’s room and have everything you need for a diaper change. You should essentially use it as a base of operations, so you’re covered for all types of inevitabilities.

What is it?

A changing table or diaper table is a large simple piece of furniture that is square or rectangular in shape. It is kind of like a dresser, and if you have a sturdy dresser that is the right size, you can use that instead. You don’t need to spend a lot on the table, but you should make sure you get one that is strong and seems like it is made well.

These tables usually have shelves or storage compartments to keep lots of baby’s things nearby, and are built solid enough so they don’t move around a bunch or make you feel like they will break. Even so, it should always be placed against a wall to ensure it is as safe as possible.

However, the top is the most important part of the product. There needs to be room for everything you need for a diaper change, because it isn’t safe to take your eyes off a baby for a moment.

Essential Gear

Here are the items that need to fit on the top of the changing table, and are the essentials that you will need. The table should be large enough to hold all of these things, but still not take up too much room in a nursery.

Table Protector: You need a spill proof and waterproof cover to put on the table itself, in order to protect it from anything that could leak on it.

Pads: Pads go on top of the protector, and can be discarded when they get soiled. These are also a bit of cushion, so the baby isn’t lying on a hard table without any protection.

Diapers: Of course, you need diapers because babies go through a lot of them and need to be changed often. It is a good idea to keep spare diapers in the extra storage space as well, just in case you run out.

Wipes: There are many diaper changes that need a good baby wipe or two. Wipes also come in handy if you need to wash off a dirty face or there is a spill. You may also consider some antibacterial wipes as well.

Medicines: If you have different ointments or powders for baby, you can keep them on the table as well. Then they will always be handy and you won’t have to search for them.

Toys: Toys are a great distraction when changing a diaper. If have ever taken off a baby’s diaper, they always seem to want to wiggle around instead of staying still until you can put a new one on. A toy can distract them while you get a fresh diaper ready.

First Aid Kit: If you encounter an injury or problem, the table is a great place to tend to a wound. Keep a first aid kit nearby, for emergency purposes.

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